Showbiz Pest Control service offers you effective and efficient bed bug control in Nigeria! Bed bugs are bloodsucking insect that spread rapidly and they are not easily discovered in our homes.Thought they dont spread any disease but their bites are very irritating.

Save yourself a headache and call Showbiz Pest Exterminators for an instant bed bug extermination procedure.

Our technicians are professionals they know the exact area to check out for, when inspecting for bed bug infestation. Though there are many signs of bed bug infestations, these are some of the sign highlighted below;
faecal matter marks
cast off skins
and whitish hatched eggs.These and many more signs are obvious to your bed bug exterminator and he'll manage to detect the marks if you are uncertain.

We are professional pest-control service, and we easily eradicate bugs completely with highly recommended methods that
doesn't interfere with the life of your family its safe and very
effective we also offer solutions on how to prevent future bed bugs

For commercial and residential areas within and outside Lagos please call; 09084638351
Office Address; 64 oluwabukunmi street, Lagos North-East Kosofe.


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Bed bug and fumigation service in lagos