How To Get Rid Of bed Bugs Without An Exterminator
If you have to deal with the little, devilish, embarrassing, pests a couple of times. Or At one point your entire body looked like a flipping pizza Here are my tips for getting rid of bed bugs for good.
The first solution is to hot wash your clothes, cotton,. The heat can kill them off and also dislodges their nesting areas [which are usually located in the seams of your bedclothes]. Check for brown/red stains along the seams of your linen to be sure.
The second is a mattress purge. Summertime is here and the heat is perfect for dealing with bed bugs. Spray your bed with kerosin ensure you add little snippers Leave your mattress out in the sun for an entire day, switching sides midway. Often this helps to get rid of the majority [or all of] the bed bugs especially bed beg EGGS Don't let your mattress get rained on though!
Thirdly, and little known, is the method of moving your bed from the wall. In my case this proved to be the winning factor - they were actually coming up from the skirting boards because my bed directly touched them. By moving my bed about 2 inches away I managed to stop them completely. Free at last.
Lastly, leaving a bowl of warm water by your bed could help to attract them to their deaths.


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