What kind of car to buy in Ankara?

You want to buy a car in ankara, second hand or new... Here is my tip: If you have never been in Ankara, there is probably one thing you do not

realize yet : This town is build on a  mountain 1000 meters, but some parts of the city are a lot higher. It is difficult to find a flat street in Ankara. I dont even know one myself... But still, they are traffic jams, red lights, stop signs... like any city in the world. However, it means you regularly have to stop and start your car in a steep street. And when i say regularly, I mean every time you drive!


So if you want to buy a car, second and or new, you should consider buying an automatic car as they are a lot easier to start, park... when in a steep street. I am european, and most europeans do not drive automatic gearboxes on their cars, however in this city it is really usefull.