Green Plate or Blue Plate in Turkey?

Green Plate? Blue Plate? You are a diplomat an you are questioning yourself on how your plate is

going to be... In Turkey, the plates are organized this way: there are no real difference between a green plate and a "normal" plate. The first number is the number of the "county" the car is from : 06 is Ankara. Then the letters are CD if it is a diplomatic car. The last numbers are not relevant.

In many other coutries, diplomatic plates are managed differently. Ex: The first number is the country number (or embassy), then the CD letter, and last the car number of the country (or embassy)

In Turkey there are no such thing as blue plate, only green plate. But the green plate is not green, only the numbers are green.

The other noticeable thing is that in Turkey (and you will see a lot of them in Ankara) the plate numbers do not show from which embassy or country the diplomat is from...


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