Tax free cars for diplomats in Ankara

You are probably a diplomat trying to buy a VAT free car in Ankara if you are here!

Well, there is no secret : Turkey is really expensive for cars.  I mean REALLY expensive. 

You also probably already looked at the other turkish website like or Before taking a decision, have a look at those websites but honestly it is expensive compaired to what we have in europe... I just bought a brand new volvo myself after investigating turkish website for cars for expats. My decision was to buy it brand new and directly from Volvo in sweden as they have a website only for expats and diplomats who want to buy VAT free.

To give you a quick Idea, I did a print screen of both website. The top one is the turkish one (second hand cars) and the one below is new from Volvo diplomats.








My decision was easy... As weird as it seems, it is  A LOT better to buy directly from Volvo. 


So my question is now : Why is that so expensive to get it in turkey? My opinion is that because there is was no good website in english were expats and diplomats could put classified ads for cars in ankara. Now you can do it and manage all your ads yourself... and probably make more money when selling your car directly to another expat who can buy VAT free cars in turkey. NOW to place your ad!


BUY. SELL Cars. In Ankara. 


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