Full Time Nanny for one child - 18months old girl

Place of work: Turkey - private yacht (up until Nov/Dec - depending on the current Covid situation) - sharing a cabin with the other nanny
London - this is the family’s main home (accommodation provided if wanted)

Winter house - Austria (the family usually spends 2months there in the winter)

Duties: Supporting the child’s development, playing entertaining games, changing, putting down for naps, maintaining the routine, cooking healthy meals, child’s laundry,
tidying up children’s toys

Hours of work: 1st month - working 12 hrs per day, 6days per week
Afterwards - working 51hrs per week, 5 days per week

Different schedule might apply upon travelling, flexibility is needed

Both nannies are entitles to 28days of paid annual leave. During those times, the nannies are expected to cover for each other.

The parents are mostly at home, therefore the nanny spends some time with the mum and child together. The father usually travels a lot but giving the situation, all travels are on hold.

Salary: negotiable
Full Time employment contract


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