Turkish Language Course
Dear Friends,
Turkish courses are designed for all international learners with permanent solutions to language learning by combining effective methods in Turkish as a second language teaching with the experience, spanning many years in this field.
Language programs:
-General or Academic Turkish (beginner to advance level)
-Business Turkish (telephoning&mailing, presentation, negotiation, offering)
-Written Turkish (newspaper articles and news about politics, economics, media, military or social events)
-Translation (Turkish to English or opposite)
-Daily Life Turkish (2 weeks to 2 months programs focusing on dialogues of shopping, hotel, restaurant, bus, taxi, booking, asking for directions, giving and taking instructions, describing things and giving personal information)
-Speaking groups (at least intermediate level is required)
-Preparation for proficiency tests (for embassies, companies or universities’ language proficiency tests such as FSI, DLI tests.

Language programs are designed for all, but differently formatted for participants who wish to learn practical or survival Turkish for daily use. The Turkish language training aims to help you adapt more smoothly into daily life in the Turkish culture.
You can join a beginner level Turkish class or immediately keep improving your existing Turkish language skills by joining more advanced Turkish class that suits your level. You can learn in a class atmosphere or through Skype.
Language training is carried out in modern, well-equipped classes following the Common European Language Standards.
In order to help the expat community in Ankara, please feel free to forward this post to your friends whom you think might be interested in learning Turkish.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions you may have or just for asking for an appointment to make a demo lesson or references. Thank you.

Best regards,

Umut Evrim Ata


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Turkish Language Course