Its Yet Breeding season again and the following species of eggs are available and in stock. these eggs are all fresh and fertile.

African Grey parrot eggs

Umbrella Cockatoo eggs,
Palm Cockatoo eggs,
Goffin Cockatoo eggs,
Gallah Cockatoo eggs,
Eleonora cockatoos eggs

Blue and Gold Macaw eggs,
Scarlet Macaw eggs,
Greenwing Macaw eggs,
Hyacinth Macaw eggs,
Military macaws
Hahn Macaws

Sollomons Island Eclectus eggs,
Dyh Amazon eggs,
Toco Toucan eggs,
Cockatiel eggs,
Senegal eggs,
Conures eggs.
Amazon eggs

Blue and Gold Macaws
Scarlet Macaws
African Grey birds
Eleonora Cockatoos
Electus parrot
Amazon parrots

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Fresh laid Fertile parrot eggs and parrots for sale